International Spirit of the Game Day 2023


Today is December 2nd, the time has come to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the International Spirit of the Game Day (#iSOTGDay). This cherished occasion marks a decade of honouring the Spirit of the Game (SOTG), the very essence that forms the cornerstone of our beloved Disc Sports.

Each year, on the first Saturday of December, flying disc enthusiasts across the globe unite in jubilation, embracing this unique celebration through a myriad of events, workshops, games, and engaging activities. It’s a day where our shared passion for flying disc sports transcends borders, bringing us all together in the spirit of mutual respect.

iSOTG Day presents an opportunity for disc sports communities globally to come together and reflect on this element, a distinctive tenet not only in Ultimate but in all disc sports.

We encourage our members to contribute by sharing their remarkable examples of Spirit of the Game in action. Whether it’s an inspiring act of sportsmanship, a heartwarming display of camaraderie, or an initiative that promotes the core values of our sport, we want to hear from you! Your stories will not only inspire others but also serve as a testament to the values that unite us across borders and cultures.

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