2023 Asia Oceania Juniors and Masters Ultimate Championships – Malaysia

2023 Asia Oceania Juniors and Masters Ultimate Championships – Malaysia

16th-17th December 2023

Kuala Lumpur

Bid Received



Players who are under 20 years old born on Dec 18 2003 and AFTER
Juniors Division
Female players who are 29 or older (born in 1994 and BEFORE)

Male players who are 32 or older (born in 1991 and BEFORE)
Masters Division

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will club teams from the countries be allowed to bid for either division? Can a country send more than 1 bid for either division?

Our goal is to have representation from different countries around the Asia Oceanic Region to gain exposure from this event. Hence, we are welcoming bids from clubs of the participating countries even if there’s already a national team bid. However, if you are submitting a club bid, the club's participation will have to be endorsed by the national association. With limited slots, organisers will determine which teams will secure a final bid.“ A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”

2. Will the club team be considered a national team or a club team? If the latter, will the team be referred to by their club team name?

The team will be considered a national team.
In the event there are 2 teams from the same country, the teams will be known as National Team A and National Team B. Therefore, teams jerseys must be national themed and not club themed.

3. What is the citizen ruling for this event?

The Team Roster may comprise any of the following:
i) Any number of Legal Citizens or WFDF Citizens;
ii) A maximum of four (4) Resident Non-Citizens;
iii) A maximum of two (2) Visa Holders;
iv) A maximum of one (1) Non-Resident Non-Citizens

The team roster must be inspected by an official of the National Federation. This official must countersign the roster to indicate they have inspected it and found it to be in accordance with player eligibility.

AOFDF reserves the right to invalidate a submitted roster if it is finds that the team does not adequately represent the country the team is intended to represent.

4. What is the definition of each player class?

All players on a National Team Roster must belong to one of the following classes: Legal Citizens - Players who own a passport or equivalent legal document issued by the country's government. WFDF Citizens - Players who have moved to the country at least four (4) years prior to the start date of the event and spent more than 75% of those four (4) years in the country. Resident Non-Citizens - Players who own a legal certificate of Permanent Residency issued by the country's government; OR if they have moved to the country at least twenty (20) months prior to the start date of the event and spent more than 75% of those twenty (20) months in the country.

Visa Holders - Players who own a legal certificate (working visa or student visa) issued by the country's government and moved to the country prior to the start date of the event. Non-Resident Non-Citizens - Players who DO NOT own legal certificate issued by the country’s government and is NOT a citizen in any of the Asia Oceanic countries that are sending a team in the relevant division.

5. Why is the minimum age eligibility for Masters reduced by 1 as compared to WFDF's age eligibility?

We would like to include players would are eligible for 2024 Worlds Masters Ultimate Championship because we see this event as an opportunity for players to gain experience before Worlds. Example: For males who would be 33 years old in 2024 and eligible for Worlds 2024, would be eligible for this event.

6. What is the category for both divisions ?

There will only be Mixed category.

7. How long is the game time for the matches?

We will have more clarity of the game time after confirming the number of the participating teams. It would definitely be at least 60 minutes game time per game.

8. The ceiling fees is mentioned to be USD $100 per player, when would the final fees be finalised?

We will also have more clarity of the fees after confirming the number of participating teams. We will also try to work out a lower fees for the Juniors division by then.

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