2nd Thailand Ultimate Invitation 2023

 2nd Thailand Ultimate Invitation 2023 

1. Event title: 2nd Thailand Ultimate Invitation 2023 
2. Organizing Committee: Flying Disc Association of Thailand 
Dr. Issadee Kutintara – Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Dr. Suriyan Somphong – Coordinator
Mr. Apiwat Pan-In – Tournament Technical Director 
Email: issadee@gmail.com
Website: www.thailandflyingdisc.com

Facebook: Thailand Flying Disc
Event: 2nd Thailand Ultimate Invitation 2023 
Tel: +66818908261 

3. Date and Venue: 27-28 May, 2023, 4 Fields
Field 1 and 2 at Insee Chandarasathit Stadium
Field 3 and 4 at Rugby Stadium Kasetsart University, Bangkok campus 
Address 50 Moo1 Ngamwongwan Road, Ladyao Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 
Google map link https://goo.gl/maps/nJCKRtwnGbntKWvC6 

4. Division and Teams: 
Only mixed division 

Maximum number of teams: 16 teams including 
4.1 Thailand national team and Thailand U24 national team 
4.2 National/u24 national teams invited by Flying Disc Association of Thailand (FDAT) 
4.3 Foreign clubs or other national teams/ u24 national team (with team fee and player fee) 

4.4 Local clubs in Thailand (with team fee and player fee) 

The invited national/u24 national team need to be endorsed by the national flying disc sport association or governing body of flying disc sports in that country. 

5. Roster and Player Eligibility: 
5.1. A team can register the players at the maximum of 22 players, no limited
number of men/women players. 
5.2. Players must be 14 years old or older in 2023. 
5.3. No limit number of Legal citizen, WFDF citizen and Resident Non-citizen in
a team roster. 

6. Competition System:
• The tournament will include 12 – 16 teams
• Teams will be drawn into pools and play all pool games on Saturday 27
May for 3 games
• 8 teams will qualify for Sunday quarterfinals and consolation games. The
lower ranks will play consolation games for 9th place on Sunday. Teams
will play for 3 games on Sunday.
• The competition system is subjected to change due to number of teams
confirming participation.
• There will be a third place final.

7. Competition Rule:
• Competition Rule will follow WFDF rules of Ultimate 2021-2024
• ABBA gender ratio and gender pulling will be applied.
• Point target is 11 points with 70 mins time cap for the pool. Half time is 5
• Point target is 13 points with 80 mins time cap for the final. Half time is 5
• Team can call one time-out per half.

8. Tentative Agenda

Date and Time Activity Remarks
Saturday 27 May, 2023 8:30 a.m. – Team Captain meeting
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Competition: Pool round about 3 games/teams (up to number of teams in a pool)
@ Kasetsart University Football and Rugby fields Lunch will be provided at the field.


Sunday 28 May, 2023
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Competition: Quarterfinals, Semifinals,
Finals, and consolation games
about 3 games/teams
@ Kasetsart University Football and Rugby fields 

Lunch will be
provided at the
5-6 p.m. Award presentation and closing ceremony

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