Disc Sports in Asia-Oceania Livestream Panel Discussion Series 2022 – Disc Sports: Moving towards Gender Equity

Disc Sports in Asia-Oceania Livestream Panel Discussion Series 2022 – Disc Sports: Moving towards Gender Equity

Listen to diverse speakers discuss perspectives and experiences of gender equity in disc sports in the Asia-Oceanic region as we start a new series of discussions.

Equity, diversity and inclusion has increasingly become important to consider in Disc Sports. The original thinking behind these panel discussions started with this stimulus: the New Gender Rules for Ultimate in WFDF – are they equitable? In October 2021, WFDF introduced a new Ultimate 4’s Showcase format. Under this new format, the rules state that the games would be played following a 2:2 gender ratio.  

In the latest edition of the WFDF rules, all Mixed Division play in WFDF events must follow “Ratio Rule A which mandates equal gender representation of ratio throughout the game. On top of this, for the 2022 World Games, it’s been announced that “a player representing the gender with four players on the field must pull for that point”. 

Do these new rules enhance gender equity in Ultimate? How about other disc sports?

What is equity in disc sports? What are we doing in the Asia Oceania region to enhance gender equity in Disc Sports and how are we doing?

*Disc Sports: Moving towards gender equity*
Main Speaker: Alex Castro, Captain of Pilipinas Ultimate Womens Team, Women & Gender Rights Lawyer
Panel Speakers:
Kuan Cheong, Disc Golf Chair, MFDA, “Father of Malaysia Ultimate”
Yasmin Patera, President, Brunei Adventure Recreation Association (BARA), Tournament Director

Moderator: Chrissy Lind-Hunter, EDI Committee Member, international Ultimate athlete

Join us in a discussion with several highly accomplished individuals from different disc sport communities in the region who will be sharing their experiences, perspectives, and personal stories in promoting gender equity in disc sports. 

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