Asia Oceania Flying Disc Federation (AOFDF) – President Statement

Asia Oceania Flying Disc Federation (AOFDF) – President Statement

“War, Violence and Exclusion will not solve anything”

One of the values of sports is that it enables diverse people to interact, empathize, and have common experiences to understand each other’s differences and accept diversity, enabling them to build a “peaceful and inclusive society without discrimination.”

The Spirit of the Game (SOTG)”, the basic philosophy of Flying Disc, is a match management method that requires the ultimate fair play in which referees do not exist, but players discuss and understand differences in opinion and perceptions, decide solutions, and advance the game, and World Championships operation is also based on SOTG. Compliance (complying with the rules yourself), Listening (listening carefully to the other person’s opinion), and Dialogue (on top of that, making your own assertion and looking for conclusions jointly with the other party) are important, and even if you intend to do the right thing, opinions are often different, and this SOTG’s “communication manners” is a tool for problem solving in more than 100 member countries of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF: IOC & IPC Recognized International Federation).

Now that sports that should not be used for politics are at the mercy of politics, I speak out and express that “War, Violence and Exclusion will not solve anything” and “Compliance, Listening, and Dialogue are important.”


March 9, 2022  

Fumio Morooka

AOFDF President


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