December 4 is International Spirit of the Game Day 2021 #iSOTGDay

December 4 is International Spirit of the Game Day 2021 #iSOTGDay


Each year, flying disc enthusiasts worldwide celebrate International Spirit of the Game Day (#iSOTGDay) on the first Saturday of December, landing this year on December 4th.

This is the 8th anniversary of celebrating Spirit of the Game (SOTG), the cornerstone of Disc Sports that so many love. Through events, workshops, games, and other fun activities people from around the globe celebrate this special day. Throughout the pandemic when many parts of the world were in lockdown with severely limited opportunities to play and compete with other people that share a passion for flying discs, Spirit of the Game could still be shared off the field among the community.

To celebrate Spirit of the Game, WFDF is proud to present a new SOTG disc design. We are looking to make this design available for the community and will be sharing more details about it soon.

Due to the pandemic, most WFDF events were not hosted in 2020 or 2021. The publishing of WFDF international SOTG Scores (the other staple of iSOTG Day) will not happen again this year. The 2019 scores can be found here.

Last year, WFDF organised the iSOTGDay Global Virtual Scavenger Hunt, which was a roaring success with 136 teams from 37 countries.

This year, you can participate in the WFDF iSOTGDay Global Virtual Scavenger Hunt by signing up here and reading the full rules here:

“This year was tough for all of us and many did not get to enjoy much competition and thus not much SOTG at all,” said Maehr, chairperson of the WFDF Spirit of the Game Commission. “Last year’s scavenger hunt was so much fun with teams participating from all over the world. I am glad that it is happening again this year. It’s a great celebration of SOTG and helps us all feel connected until we get to face each other again next year.”

WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch added that “WFDF encourages local flying disc organizations and communities to hold their own Spirit of the Game activities on December 4th or to join in the activities already arranged by the Commission. Be safe, have fun, and, most of all, celebrate International Spirit of the Game Day!

Spirit of the Game is the mindful behavior practiced by players worldwide in a mutual effort to protect the basic joy of play. It makes self-officiation possible, encourages personal responsibility, and encompasses attitudes and skills such as good knowledge of the rules, fair-mindedness, safe play, clear and calm communication, and a positive and respectful attitude.

iSOTGDay encourages disc sports communities around the world to celebrate and reflect on Spirit of the Game, a core and unique tenant of the sport of Ultimate and other disc sports, by safely hosting events, clinics, and activities where players can discuss and demonstrate good spirit.

For more information about International Spirit of the Game Day, and how you can be a part of this global and growing movement, visit

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